Mohammad Reza Golzar becomes our new Hype Energy Drinks Ambassador

Posted on 27/04/2015

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If you are talking about the best, Mohammad Reza Golzar is who you’re talking about, Persia’s number one Superstar. His name is known all over the world because of his looks, his acting, music and movies. He does it all. From being nominated in the Berlinale film awards to winning girls’ hearts all over the world.

MRG is one of the 5 most known Persians in the world!

He started his career in the music business as the main guitarist of the famous “Arian” band. Stepping up his game he performed on stage as the drummer of the rock band “Darkoob”. But Mohammad Reza Golzar wanted more. Deciding that the time has come for him to create his own music band called “Rezzar”, his singles reached as far as the top music charts in the world.

Mohammad Reza Golzar is not only a great actor and musician, he also spends his time modeling and doing sports on a professional level. Recently he acquired a recognized professional ski certificate and has played in one of the national pro league volleyball teams whereafter he experienced a league coach position in 2012. Besides being sporty, good looking and charismatic, MRG also has the mind for success. Finish 6th in a national pre-university exam and studying Mechanical engineering at Tehran University.

MRG shows us that he knows what he’s doing. Born in 1977, this highly qualified superhuman has chosen to be Hype Energy's one and only ambassador for Persia. You’ve tried the rest, now welcome the best.

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