So it’s all about the Hype right? You may think it’s  just rumour but here’s what our partners and media friends really say about Hype Energy drinks:

Overall, we like it a lot – good looking and a formula that one can actually consume quite easily

- Bevnet rating 4/5
Hype Energy Drinks
Hype Energy Drinks

Working with Hype Energy Drinks has been a wonderful & enriching experience for us at Unique Food Canada over the past 12 years! It is very reassuring for us to see the strength and innovation of the brand constantly growing around the globe! Our market can really feel the impact of Hype Energy as a global player, and not just another "backyard" brand.

- Josh Silver, Hype Energy drinks Canada.

Working with Hype Energy over the years has been a tremendous journey for us at United Holdings, Sri Lanka. Hype Energy has been introduced as a premium energy drink brand in Sri Lanka, and has been getting great feedback from all around the country. Working with the Hype team has been great. They are always there to assist us with logistics and marketing support, especially the innovative design team that provides great bespoke marketing creations.

- Shehan Perera, Hype Energy drinks Sri Lanka.
Hype Energy Drinks

Hype energy is one the best drinks I've ever tried.

- Fabio Perreira, Energy Drink Luxemburg blog.

Cool thing about Hype is that it tastes good with mixed drinks. I mixed one with vodka and a little bit of lime and it was great. I Image will give the Hype Energy Drink review for taste a pleasant 9.5 out of 10 just because it mixed so nicely with my drink!

- Justin, Energy Drinks ratings Blog.
Hype Energy Drinks

I was expecting a Red Bull clone, but fortunately Hype is so much more than that.

- Avery Hage, The Soda Jerks.